Intake forms
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Smile Forms are easy, secure intake forms for dental clinics in Canada.
Smile Forms improve the patient experience and help Canadian dentists treat more patients.
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The problem

Intake forms are an essential part of treating patients, but traditional ones present challenges.

  • Inconvenient for patients

    Patients do not enjoy filling out lengthy intake forms by hand. Downloading a PDF to print, fill-out and fax back isn’t any better.

  • Time-consuming for staff

    Transcribing form information into the dental software is tedious and error-prone.

  • Inefficient for the clinic

    Paper intake forms prolong patient visits, thereby reducing the number of patients a clinic can treat each day.

  • Not accessible

    Traditional intake forms are not accessible to the hearing- and vision-impaired.

  • Not secure

    Most website intake forms send confidential patient information through third-party mail servers whose security protocols are uncertain.

The solution   :)

Smile Forms addresses the limitations of traditional intake forms—and goes the extra smile.

  • Easy

    With Smile Forms, your patients fill out intake forms prior to their visit—when & where it’s convenient for them.

  • Efficient

    When patients arrive for their visit, they’re ready—and so are your staff. Receiving intake information prior to patient visits gives your staff ample time to copy-and-paste the details into the system, without errors.

  • Secure

    Smile Forms are secure & confidential: Patient details do not pass through third-party mail servers. Instead, intake details are sent directly from the patient’s device—phone, tablet or computer—to your dental clinic’s email.

  • Accessible

    Smile Forms are accessible to everyone—including the vision- and hearing-impaired.

  • Good value

    Smile Forms are free to try for three months! No credit card required. No strings attached! If, after three months, you wish to continue, Smile Forms costs $8 per day, with unlimited form submissions and free updates for life.

  • Simple

    It’s easy to start using Smile Forms in your clinic. There is no setup, and you don’t need to change anything on your website. We manage it all. Sign-up takes two minutes.

The bottom line.

Average clinic treats 30 patients / day
Average billing is $378.60 / patient
Smile Forms save 5 minutes / visit
( 2½ hours / day )
Smile Forms allow for Up to 60 additional visits / month
( $22,716 / month )

Up to 95x return-on-investment.

Treat more patients

Smile Forms saves, on average, five minutes per patient visit. For a clinic treating 30 patients a day, that’s 2½ hours saved: Time for 2 more bookings each day, or up to 60 visits per month.

Reduce costs

Manually transcribing an intake form into Eaglesoft or Dentrix takes staff 5-7 minutes. With Smile Forms, transcription takes seconds and is error-free. For a clinic treating 30 patients a day, Smile Forms saves on average 3 hours of clerical labour. For staff paid $27 per hour, that adds up to savings of $81 per day, or $2,430 per month.

In a nutshell

Smile Forms provides a better patient experience, improves office efficiency, speeds data-entry, safeguards confidentiality, and allows your clinic to treat more patients. Try Smile Forms today!

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